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Texas Instruments TI503SV Calculator

Texas Instruments TI503SV Calculator Reviews

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Texas Instruments TI503SV Calculator Feature

  • Easy-to-read 8-digit display
  • Large 7-millimeter display height
  • Three-key memory
  • +/- switch key
  • Power-saving LCD
An indispensable tool for students, households, and offices for quick math calculations, figuring finances, or converting cooking measurements, the TI-503SV pocket calculator is always at the ready with its large clear LCD, three-key memory, and battery-conserving operation.

This compact unit measures just 5 by 3 by 0.5 inches and has a +/- switch key to simplify entering negative numbers. The 7-millimeter-tall character display is easy to read, and the soft large keys are comfortable to operate. The sizable eight-digit display is not sacrificed to the small size. Easy to use when traveling, in the kitchen, classroom, or home office, the TI-503SV is so economical you can have one in each room. Plus, an automatic shutoff feature conserves battery life. Displays 8 10MM-high digits. 3-key memory, +/- switch key. Size-2.6 x 4.3. Battery powered. Uses replacement batteries DURD389/390B. Compact, economical calculator for either handheld or desktop use. Power-saving LCD display. Operating battery included.

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