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Casio Calculator Combo Pack

Casio Calculator Combo Pack Reviews

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This combo pack is a smart choice for use in the office, at home, and on-the-go. This Casio combo pack is ideal for todayâ?TMs mobile lifestyle. Both calculators are great for use in the office, at home, and on-the-go. The DF-320TM calculator features a 3-line, large, 12-digit, easy-to-read display. Three lines make accuracy easy â?" see what was entered, the function selected, and the answer all on the screen at the same time. A quick correction key clears out the last number entered. The DF-320TM includes other powerful functions to make your job easy, such as cost-sell-margin calculations, tax, change, and time calculations, and currency conversions. The MS-80TV features an 8-digit, big, easy-to-read display. It boasts tax and exchange calculations and profit margin percent calculations. Plus both calculators are powered by Solar Plusâ"¢ technology, solar power plus back-up battery, which means they are portable and reliable for use anytime, anywhere.

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