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HP 40gs Graphing Calculator (F2225AA)

HP 40gs Graphing Calculator (F2225AA) Reviews

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HP 40gs Graphing Calculator (F2225AA) Feature

  • Entry-system logic Algebraic, Scientific and Textbook Built-in Fuctions
  • Built-in functions Graphing, Mathematical, CAS, Scientific, Statistical, Programming, Operating
  • Menus, prompts, etc. Contextual Menus, Choose Boxes, List and Dialogue Boxes
  • Internal precision 15 Digits, Infinite in CAS
  • Dynamic split screen with adjustable contrast for greater readability
Model# 2162466 - HWP-40GS (F2225AA#ABA) HP 40gs Graphing Calculator for Math - Science - Engineering , 600 Functions / Easy programming to create custom aplets using formulas and equations / Interactive history, notes and sketch capabilities / USB and ha

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