Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New-50g Graphing Calculator - HPC50G

New-50g Graphing Calculator - HPC50G Reviews

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If you're a math, science, or engineering professional—or a serious college student—don't leave home without it! HP's most powerful new graphing calculator, the 50g supplies you with intensive power, flexibility, and connectivity.
  • Do everything you need using the 2.5MB memory (512KB RAM plus 2MB Flash ROM for performing future upgrades1)
  • View calculations on the large (131 x 80 pixels, 30% more usable space than the 49g+ model), high-contrast display with adjustable type size
  • Choose between three data-entry modes: RPN, algebraic, and textbook
  • Simplify processes using the larger equation library and the 2300+ built-in functions
  • Efficiently reach solutions with the built-in lessons and step-by-step problem solving
  • Format SD cards and expand memory right in the SD card slot
  • Isolate and evaluate sub-expressions using the intelligent editor—plus cut, paste, and copy objects

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